I escaped pain

Ros retired some years ago from her job as library manager in Uckfield. At first she and her husband ‘lived for our holidays’ and visited exotic places. In more recent times she has become a full time carer for her husband who has Parkinson’s and has to keep herself fit to look after him and […]

Determination goes a long way.

Molly (not her real name) left a 30+ years’ career in financial services and retrained as an integrated humanist therapist. When she retired she had much more time to enjoy her main hobbies of long-distance walking and badminton and took up tennis. Keeping fit has always been very important. Like many people in their 60s […]

No back pain and still on the chocolates!

Debbie F worked for many years in the diplomatic service in a wide range of countries. She had a back problem which flared up from time to time but she had got used to dealing with it herself. Due to the social nature of her job her weight increased over the years but she felt […]

I recovered from a fractured spine

Tina Eastwood, 71, is a retired administrator, who was enjoying her retirement until March 2016 when she fell backwards down the stairs at great speed. She was able to bang on the dividing wall and luckily her neighbour heard . She was taken by ambulance to the local A and E where she was x-rayed […]

From Wheelchair to Walking

Kate Loukes is a professional actress and office worker who retired 20 years ago at the age of 61. Many years ago she had two bad falls which she thought had affected her legs and had treatment for years on and off. “In 2015”, she said, “I fell up the stairs and soon I was […]