Arthritis Action Group welcomes Patient Director

People living with arthritis learnt more about how the NHS can help them during a talk from Sussex MSK Partnership East’s (SMSKPE) Patient Director. Anne Sabine discussed the services offered by SMSKPE, which is the local NHS organisation for muscle, bone and joint conditions. Anne said: “It’s important to raise awareness of what SMSKPE does […]

Is pain stopping you from loving your bed?

March is National Bed Month – and who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? But for people who are in constant pain, an undisturbed night is just a dream. Most people spend an average of a third of their lives in bed – and for those suffering an illness or injury it can be much […]

Eastbourne Arthritis Action Group announces meeting dates

Arthritis Action is dedicated to helping people with arthritis to enjoy a more active life with less pain. The organisation offers healthy eating advice, hands-on physical therapies and help with pain management. Eastbourne Arthritis Action Group is holding regular meetings for people living with arthritis. These take place approximately every six weeks and cover a […]

Cold fingers, nose and toes? Take the Raynaud’s test today

Are your fingers and toes often cold, do they change colour or feel numb and sting? Then you could be suffering from an uncomfortable condition called Raynaud’s. February is Raynaud’s Awareness Month and the Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK (SRUK) charity is raising awareness of the condition through its #RaiseYourHands campaign. Scleroderma is a very rare […]

Losing weight can help you feel better

Is your new year’s resolution to shift a few pounds?  Then it might help to know that as well as looking and feeling better, being a healthy weight can help you avoid musculoskeletal problems too.  Carrying around excess weight puts unnecessary strain on your muscles, bones and joints and can cause knee, hip and back […]

Self Care Week – Take Control Of Your Back Pain

As part of National Self Care Week (14th – 20th November) Sussex MSK Partnership East, the local NHS service for muscle, bone and joint problems, is focusing on taking control of back pain. One of the biggest barriers for many people who suffer with chronic back pain is the fear that doing too much will […]

Running: A winter warm up guide by our Physiotherapist Dave Peachey

Warming up before any exercise is important, no matter what season we are in. But with marathon season approaching and many people training for longer runs in the colder weather, warming up perhaps takes on an added significance. The aim of a warm-up is to help warm the muscle, increase circulation and activate muscle firing […]

Event for GPs: Exercise & Musculoskeletal Medicine – The Way Forward

The British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine WINTER SYMPOSIUM “EXERCISE & MUSCULOSKELETAL MEDICINE – THE WAY FORWARD” DECEMBER 3rd 2016 Jurys Inn, Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2GS The meeting will not only focus on the concept of patient empowerment by the teaching of behavioural strategies to encourage both recovery from injury and the maintenance of good […]

Rider back in the saddle after months of recovery

A a nasty fall left a keen rider with a fractured spine and a chronic shoulder problem. Christine Patrick, 57, found herself lying on concrete after her trusted horse reared, tossing her into the air and onto her back. In agony, she was taken to Eastbourne District General Hospital for a variety of tests, before being transferred […]

Bake Sale Raises Over £170 for Macmillan Cancer Support

Sussex MSK Partnership East staff at Ivy House in Eastbourne raised over £170.00 at their coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Support on Friday September 30. The event was organised by Patient Care Advisor, Deb Cornfold. She said: “Thank you to everyone who baked a cake, brought a cake and donated to the cause.”