Living well with less pain – hip and knee 

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Do you have hip or knee osteoarthritis (OA)?

This page offers videos from our ‘Living Well with Less Pain’ events, where experts shared their knowledge on hip and knee osteoarthritis.
These videos are created in an aim to help you understand your condition, lower your pain and get back to a more normal life.

If you would like to learn more, ‘A Guide To Having Healthy Hips & Knees’ gives you an overview of OA, along with exercise and management tips and what to expect if surgery is the next step for you.

And, if surgery is the next step, you may also find these resources helpful;
Versus Arthritis – Let’s Move Surgery Toolkit
Horder Healthcare – Keeping Well Whilst Waiting

Living Well with Less Pain – The Myths of Osteoarthritis

Caroline Hollands, an advanced physiotherapy practitioner (AP) from East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT), talks about “The Myths of Osteoarthritis”.
Caroline explains what OA is and how you can lower your pain and go about your daily life.

Living Well with Less Pain – A Patients Story

Jim Turnbull is one of our patients. He tells his story of having had one new knee and the ESCAPE-Pain course he attended which has taken him from much pain to almost none in his other knee.  He has continued to work, picked up his hobbies and hopes to avoid a second operation.

Living Well with Less Pain – Understanding Chronic Pain

Karen Kenyon, a pain practitioner from Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust’s (SPFT) pain management team talks about “Understanding Chronic Pain and its Management”.  Scientists have learned a lot over the last few years about how our brains process pain.  Karen explains this new knowledge and shows how knowing about this can help all of us manage or reduce pain.  She outlines a true story about what happened to Professor Lorimer Moseley, a leading clinical scientist who investigates pain in humans.   You might want to see him telling his own story in a very funny and thought provoking way.

Living Well with Less Pain – Pain Medication

Angela Murtagh, a clinical specialist, talks about pain medication, drugs, their benefits and dangers, and covers frequently asked questions about opiates and cannabis.

Living Well with Less Pain – One You East Sussex

Dawn Bamforth, Engagement Officer (High Weald, Lewes and Havens) from One You East Sussex, explains how One You is helping many patients with their free weight loss and stop smoking programmes.  Being overweight is one of the main causes of hip and knee OA and losing weight can lower pain levels a lot.  You can find out more and sign up to One You HERE

Living Well with Less Pain – Arthritis Action

Martin Lau, dietician and services development manager from Arthritis Action, busts many myths about diet and arthritis.  You can find out more about the charity HERE