Sussex MSK Partnership East (SMSKPE) does not provide urgent services. However, we do recognise that some patients referred to us require more timely access to care. This may be to ensure certain clinical conditions do not deteriorate further and cause harm to a patient or to support those patients who’s quality of life is most significantly being affected by their condition. All referrals received by SMSKPE are clinically triaged and placed on either routine or urgent waiting lists to recognise these factors. If you believe your symptoms are getting worse, or your MSK condition is causing a more significant impact on your quality of life compared to when you were referred, you are encouraged to contact us to discuss the urgency of your referral.

Advanced Practitioners (APs) are physiotherapists with additional experience and training which enables them to diagnose and treat a wider range of conditions. APs usually specialise in a particular area of the body, for example, Foot & Ankle, Hand & Wrist, Hip, Knee, Shoulder & Elbow and Spine.

Sussex MSK Partnership East (SMSKPE) works with the Medical Imaging Partnership (MIP) for all diagnostic services. MIP provide a first-class diagnostic service and have a huge amount of experience in delivering high-quality diagnostic scans which are interpreted and reported by specialist radiologists and clinicians. Find out more here:
The Medical Imaging Partnership

Routine Waiting Times
Physio Provider Waiting Times
Diagnostic Waiting Times

For Rheumatology waiting times follow the link below:

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