Sussex MSK Partnership East works with local providers to help assist patients whilst in their appointments. Please find below details of interpreter services. If you need any further assistance please contact our Patient Care Advisor team.

Sussex Interpreting Service (SIS)
Sussex Interpreting Services (SIS) is an independent social enterprise and charitable company working to relieve the poverty of individuals from Black and Minority Ethnic communities (BME) by providing community interpreting and translation, communication services, confidential advice, assistance and information. Read more

BSL Link for Communication

BSL Link for Communication is an interpreting agency providing professional NRCPD registered Sign Language Interpreters and other Language Service Professionals (LSPs) in Sussex and the South East.

We also offer Deafblind interpreters, Relay interpreters, Electronic Notetakers, Speech to Text Reporters, Manual Notetakers and Lipspeakers.

Our LSPs are experienced in working with Deaf and hard of hearing people. Read more