Welcome To Our Updated Website!

Welcome To Our Updated Website!

More mobile friendly, more accessible, cleaner and more functional!
Allow us a minute to show you around, and show you what’s new:

If you’re a regular visitor, then you might have been aware of the changes as we made the live updates to avoid taking our website down or losing important information and access that was already available.

If you are a first time visitor, welcome! If you are re-visiting after a while, you are likely to notice some major changes, and hopefully for the better!

We are always a work in progress, so feel free to comment, point out problems, or make suggestions by getting in touch with us at any time.

Now, let us show you around and link you to some important new or refreshed features (in alphabetical order).

We have worked hard to make the entire website more accessible. This includes a new Site Map, which lists pages and content alphabetically. We have also ensured that ReciteMe is functional on any device. Most pages also now have share buttons, if you would like to send something useful to a friend or family member.

Average Waiting Times
By popular request, we how have a page to keep you informed of routine waiting times for some of our services.

Getting In Touch
Our new contact pages provide guidance and FAQ links as well as everything you need to get in touch with our team.

New Front Page
Our new front page (as with the rest of the website), although best viewed on a laptop/PC/tablet, displays better than ever before on mobile devices.

News & Updates
We have plans for more regular and informative posts. Keep an eye out on the front page for the most recent posts, or navigate directly to the News & Updates sections for the entire archive.

Resources & Help You While You Wait
An extensive list of services, groups, educational materials and signposting, listed to help you find out more about your condition, and what & who is available locally to help.

Search Bar
By popular demand, there is now a search bar. Found at the bottom of page, where it doesn’t interrupt our banner’s or menu’s.

Tools To Help You Decide
We have collected some tools and helpful links, designed to help you make an informed decision about your care.

Twitter Feed + Social Media
We have integrated our Twitter feed into the bottom half of our front page. Feel free to follow us and keep up to date! We also have a Facebook page and LinkedIn profile now – so join us, should you wish too, on our social media platforms! (We also have YouTube for our video content)