Local Walks

Coastal paths, South Downs views, rivers, beautiful parks and twittens. We are lucky in East Sussex to be surrounded by so much glorious countryside.

Nothing beats getting out in nature, if you enjoy walking or want to try something new. There are some wonderful local walks with simple maps in East Sussex to be found at 1.2.3 Walks

Getting outside, being more active and just walking can be immensely beneficial for your musculoskeletal health and your general wellbeing. It can however be a daunting prospect if it is new to you.

East Sussex Health walks are free, weekly one hour walks with a trained leader. The walks are fairly easy and designed to be especially good for people who want to begin to build up their health and fitness by developing a regular walking habit. The idea is that if you come along every week, you will soon begin to feel the benefits of regular, gentle exercise.
The groups are really friendly and they are led by trained community volunteers who will make sure you feel welcome and that everyone is managing the pace.
There is no need to book – just pop along shortly before the start time and look for the leaders in yellow waistcoats.

Up to date information regarding these walks can be found here