If you’re here, you’ve probably received our message to let you know that we received your results and placed you on a waiting list for a follow up appointment. This page gives you a bit more information about what to expect next and when to get in touch.

If you’ve had a scan, for example an XR, MRI, US etc. then a specialised doctor called a radiologist will have carefully reviewed your images and sent us a written report on their findings. If there’s anything concerning in your report, we’ll make it a priority to get in touch. If we have not contacted you, there is no need to contact us, we will be in touch in due course to offer you an appointment.
We’ll aim to schedule you back in with your clinician, providing an opportunity for a clinical discussion about the contents of the report.


Diagnostic reports often contain complex medical terminology and detailed information which may be challenging for individuals without a medical background to interpret accurately.
Terms used to describe what is seen on a scan can be worrying for example, you will often see phrases like “wear and tear” and “degenerative changes” which are a normal part of the ageing process – a bit like “grey hairs”. Research has shown that there are no clear links between degenerative changes and pain levels – you can have a lot of one without the other.
Therefor, we recommend that you review your report with your clinician who can explain and contextualise the information. This ensures a safe and helpful patient experience as it allows the diagnostic findings to be discussed and any questions to be explored between the patient and the clinician, and these reviews allow such results to be fully understood in relation to each patients unique presentation.

We will be in touch in due course to offer you an appointment. However, if you are concerned you are still welcome to get in touch at any time.