What is MSK?

MSK is short for “musculoskeletal”. This term covers problems, diseases and injuries relating to muscles, bones and joints.

Our vision

  • That you understand your health choices and feel involved in your care.
  • That you know what is happening to you and why as you move through our service.
  • That you are able to hold us to account for the delivery of your health goals.
  • That we focus with you on prevention and supported self-management of your condition.

For a more detailed look at what we do please see our latest Annual report or our Patient Experience Blueprint Our aim is to transform your experience of being treated for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, put you in control of your own healthcare, and deliver care that is tailored to your needs. It is not “What’s the matter?” but “What matters to you?” Our MSK services include:

1. Self Care

Giving you, and your carer if you have one, the tools you need to manage your condition as part of your everyday life at home, and, Connecting you with people and organisations who can continue to support you.

2. Primary Care

Working with GPs and Practice Nurses to make sure they are connected to our service, ensuring that they have the latest education and training to deliver the most up to date treatment and care. When you are discharged after being seen by our service, your GP is connected to and understands your care plan.

3. Community Based Specialist MSK Care

Working with community teams of physiotherapists, podiatrists, doctors, specialist nurses, osteopaths and occupational therapists to deliver a truly joined up service with clinical staff all working together and, working with you to agree a care plan; a care plan which recognises your health goals and supports you to achieve those goals.

4. Hospital Care

If you need an operation, giving you a choice of a wide range of hospitals. We work with hospital teams to ensure that you receive the right care and appropriate follow up and rehabilitation following surgery.

Patient Access Policy

Please see below for details of our patient access policy. SMSKPE Patient Access Policy v5