Walk to Work Day – Friday, April 7

It’s estimated that around a third of adults don’t get enough exercise and if you do a sedentary job, then it’s not always easy to incorporate activity into your routine. Lifestyles that revolve around days spent at a desk and evenings slumped on the couch are causing all kinds of health problems, including musculoskeletal conditions.

But while you may not be able to change the way you work, you could change the way you get to work.

Friday, April 7 is Walk to Work Day, so why not use the occasion to build some activity into your day? If you live within a couple of miles of your place of work then you could easily make the journey on foot, but if you live further away, consider getting off the bus or train a stop or two earlier or driving part way and walking the rest.

You may have to get up and out of the house a bit earlier but you will arrive at work feeling energised and ready for the day ahead. So get your trainers on and put your best foot forward.
And if you can do it once, then there’s no reason why you can’t make it your normal routine. Go on – give it go and enjoy feeling fitter and healthier.