Update on MSK, Rheumatology and Pain Management Services

Sussex MSK Partnership East now provides a full service from referral to discharge for patients with hip, spine, knee, shoulder and elbow conditions. This means that patients will usually be referred to an Extended Scope Practitioner (ESP) specialising in their particular condition who will determine the most appropriate care pathway, which may include self-management, physiotherapy, surgery or a combination.

The multi-disciplinary approach means that patients are assured of getting the most appropriate treatment in a timely manner. Our aim is to make your patient’s care as straightforward as possible, by providing one point of contact and endeavouring to treat them closer to their homes.

ESP and community clinics for foot, ankle, hand, wrist, pain management and rheumatology services will be launched by the end of the year but patients with these conditions should still be referred to Sussex MSK Partnership East and we will triage and refer them to an appropriate local service or consultant.

Since the launch of the service, Sussex MSK Partnership East Extended Scope Practitioners have seen 1,696 patients between April and July.

The Sussex MSK Partnership East Clinical Referral and Assessment Service has received and processed 11,908 referrals in the same period.