Sussex MSK Partnership East Appoints New Clinical Director

Dr Ragnar Ingvarsson, Consultant Rheumatologist, has been appointed as Sussex MSK Partnership East’s Interim Clinical Director.

Ragnar’s role is to provide clinical support and direction to the Partnership’s clinicians and administrative staff.

Speaking about his appointment Ragnar said: “This is a real opportunity to develop new ways for clinicians in the local health community to work together for the good of our patients. I am particularly keen to provide a support service for GPs so that they can always get prompt advice and guidance on any MSK matter. I am already offering this for Rheumatology and am working with specialists from other disciplines to help them offer a similar service.”

Another key project is to put in place a framework to support Extended Scope Practitioners with education and training to maintain competency and develop further skills.

Alongside this, Ragnar plans to create a “hotline” that Extended Scope Practitioners can call for a quick response during a patient appointment. Ragnar commented: “There are times when an ESP may want a quick bit of advice or to ask a question of a specialist before making a decision about the patient’s next steps. If this can be resolved there and then, the patient can move along their care pathway without delay.”

Ragnar will be in post until mid-July when he will return to his native Iceland. “My final task as Interim Clinical Director is to recruit my permanent successor. Clinicians who are interested in the position are very welcome to drop me a line or give me a call and I will be very happy to tell them more.”