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“I had a scan and the doctor told me everything ”looked fine”. Does that mean he doesn’t believe I am in pain?”
  • Many people with persistent pain worry because x-rays and scans have been reported as “normal” despite their pain. We know that a scan cannot show how much pain you are in, and very often a scan cannot show the cause of persistent pain. If you have a ‘normal’ scan it does not mean nothing is wrong. Pain management can still be helpful to you.

  • “How do they know what is wrong if I haven’t had a scan?”

  • Others worry because they have not had x-rays & /or scans and are concerned that something may have been missed.

  • Sometimes the terms used to describe what is seen on a scan can be worrying. Bear in mind that “wear and tear”, and “degenerative changes” are a normal part of the ageing process – a bit like “grey hairs”…

  • Research studies have shown that there are no clear links between degenerative changes and pain levels – you can have a lot of one without the other.