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Understanding Persistent Pain and My Pain Management Journey. Click here to explore further

About the Pain Service

Sussex MSK Partnership East commissions two Pain Management services, Connect Health and Sussex Partnership Foundation NHS Trust. Both of these organisations operate locally, throughout East Sussex, and offer a range of pain management services.

To find out more about each, see below:
Connect Health Pain Management
Sussex Partnership Foundation NHS Trust

Resources and links have been made available on this website, for your information, or perhaps your own self-management whilst awaiting a referral. Whether you are already accessing our service, thinking about being referred by your GP, or just interested in reading about long term pain and pain management, we hope you will find useful information here. 

The pain service’s aim is to provide advice, guidance and support for patients with persistent pain who are struggling to manage, are experiencing significant difficulties, and/or distress. We provide a number of options, including a Pain Management Programme (PMP), Pain Management Information Sessions (PMIS), individual therapy, couple/ family therapy, and specialist groups.

How to be referred to the pain service?

You will need to see your GP who will refer you to Sussex MSK Partnership East.

What happens after you are referred?

Your referral will be clinically reviewed by one of our Advanced Practitioners (APs) who will then identify the service that best suits your needs. If you need to be seen by the pain service, one of out Patient Carer Advisors (PCAs) will call you to arrange an appointment. If the PCA is unable to contact you by phone they will write to you offering an appointment.