Losing weight can help you feel better

Is your new year’s resolution to shift a few pounds?  Then it might help to know that as well as looking and feeling better, being a healthy weight can help you avoid musculoskeletal problems too.  Carrying around excess weight puts unnecessary strain on your muscles, bones and joints and can cause knee, hip and back pain.

Although January is when many of us set out to lose weight, it can be particularly difficult to get out of those bad eating habits we tend to fall into at Christmas time.  And if you have a lot of weight to lose, the challenge can seem overwhelming.

The National Obesity Forum is running an awareness campaign called JanUary to help people to make healthy changes to their daily routines which they can stick to forever, not just for the first few weeks of the year.  The campaign website is full of helpful advice on healthy eating and exercise and there is information about the options and support that are available for people who need to lose a large amount to reach a healthy weight.  For further information visit www.jan-u-ary.co.uk