First Contact Practitioners

We are excited to announce that we have made great progress with the integration of First Contact Practitioners (FCP’s) across our region.

The FCP is a new clinical role evolving across the UK. It involves placing senior physiotherapists directly into GP Practices and to treat patients that come into the clinic with Musculoskeletal problems. SMSKPE’s Clinical Director has been working in collaboration with our existing MSK Physiotherapy providers to develop this and our FCP’s are now embedded within many of our Primary Care Networks.

Patients contacting their GP Surgery with a Musculoskeletal problem may now find that they will be offered an appointment with an FCP instead of another Clinician. Following this initial assessment the FCP can refer a patient directly for further care/treatment and investigations if necessary.

Across East Sussex by SMSKPE implementing an integrated approach with The Horder Centre and East Sussex Hospital Trusts it will ensure that a patients treatment can begin closer to home, is timelier and there will be consistency with their care across the whole MSK pathway.