95% of patient responses rated our service as good or very good. (reporting month Sept 2020)

Our questionnaires

Every day questionnaires are sent to our patients to find out your views on what we did well and what we could do better. All replies are read and many alterations have been made to our service as a result of your comments and feedback. Unless you choose to tell us your name all questionnaires are anonymous to make sure that you feel able to answer the questions honestly. Before your appointment we ask whether the arrangements for your appointment with an advanced practitioner were suitable for you and how helpful our team of patient care advisers were. After your appointment we ask questions about your experience with the advanced practitioner. If you see a physiotherapist, nurse, surgeon or other member of the MSK team you may be asked to fill in similar questionnaires by the hospital or clinic where your treatment takes place.

Patient comments September 2020
  • In these difficult times I felt I was being treated fairly and I had time to question the nurse.
  • I don’t think that any of the staff I met from start to finish could have improved. They were professional, courteous and caring at every stage during difficult times with Covid19 and the problems to the services that caused
  • The consultant has been extremely kind and patient and explained everything clearly. We would like a magic wand to make it all better but, as this is not an option, clear information and compassion has helped a great deal.