Sussex MSK Partnership East is the local NHS organisation that manages the care and treatment of patients with bone, joint and muscle conditions (musculoskeletal or MSK for short). Our service also provides care and support for Rheumatology patients and those with chronic pain. The service was commissioned in 2015 by the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) that manage health services in the majority of East Sussex (High Weald, Lewes and Havens CCG and Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford CCG). Their aim was to make MSK care more efficient, cost effective and more accessible for patients in this area. MSK covers a huge range of conditions, many of which are difficult to diagnose. By bringing different specialisms together we can ensure that patients receive prompt and appropriate care that focuses on their individual needs and situations.

How does our service work?

We bring together a network of local clinicians and support organisations to provide seamless, all-round care for our patients. We commission services utilising local health services to provide wider choice to our patients. Our clinicians include surgeons, physicians, physiotherapists and Advanced Practitioners (AP). APs are physiotherapists who are expert in diagnostics and have extended abilities such as being able to order diagnostic investigations.  APs usually specialise in a particular area of the body, for example, spine, shoulder, hips, knees, foot and ankle. Appointments and administration are managed by our team of Patient Care Advisors who are responsible for keeping patients informed and supported while in our care.

How do patients access our service?

Patients are referred to the service by their GP or other health practitioner and are assessed by our clinical team to determine the best care pathway for their individual needs and situation. The first port of call for many patients is to see an AP who specialises in the area of their complaint. The AP diagnoses and in collaboration with the patient, recommends treatment or follow up investigations.

Meet the Team

Sussex MSK Partnership East is based in Eastbourne, consisting of Patient Care Advisors and the Senior Leadership Team

Community Clinics

We provide services from community clinics across East Sussex. Our clinicians work in dedicated MSK facilities, outside of traditional hospital settings, with the vision of patient care closer to home. To find out more please click here