Event for GPs: Exercise & Musculoskeletal Medicine – The Way Forward

The British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine
DECEMBER 3rd 2016
Jurys Inn, Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2GS

The meeting will not only focus on the concept of patient empowerment by the teaching of behavioural strategies to encourage both recovery from injury and the maintenance of good general or musculoskeletal health to the benefit of the individual and community resources but also where, how, when and by whom should MSK services be best delivered when homeostatic mechanisms break down and active intervention is required.

09:15  Introduction: “Phenotype Fit for the Future” – Dr. Rod MacDonald

09:30  Posture and Pain: The Alexander Technique – Carolyn Nicholls – The Alexander Technique is a sensory re-education, not a therapy. It can help people unravel the distortions of mind and body that may be contributing to chronic pain. How is it learned? What studies inform it? How can we help ourselves?

10:15  Novel Exercise Prescriptions to Promote Improved MSK Health in the Elderly – Dr. Shamim Akhtar – An introduction to the use of Taichi Shibashi for health and well being.

11:00 Coffee

11:15 Old Wine in New Bottles – NICE’s OA guidelines and what they mean in frontline primary care – Dr. Jens Foel – The difficulties of dealing with them in primary care. Barriers towards exercises and long-term condition management.

12:00 The Role of ESPs & MSK Clinicians in NHS Musculoskeletal Services – Dr Giles Hazan & Jonathan Hearsey – A review of new ways of working, careers in MSK medicine and evolving best practice.

12.45 Lunch

13.45 The University of Brighton Musculoskeletal Research Centre – Peter Bush – “An overview osteoarthritis research – from inflammation to osteochondral explant storage for mosaicplasty ”

14:30 Workshops:

1. How to use the Alexander Technique – Carolyn Nicholls
2. An introduction to Qigong Shibashi – Dr. Shamin Aktar

15:30 Tea

15:45 Case Presentations & Expert Panel – A fully interactive discussion of a selection of cases presented from clinicians with the benefit of a panel of experts to share learning and best practice.

16:45 Question Time

17:00 Close

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