Case Study: Long History of Hip Pain Cured by Sussex MSK Partnership East service

Margaret Stirmey is an active 67 year old grandmother living in Eastbourne. After a long history of hip pain, Margaret was referred through Sussex MSK Partnership East to see Extended Scope Practitioner, Matt Daly, at his clinic in Eastbourne. Here she talks about her experience of the Sussex MSK Partnership East service.

“I have always enjoyed a full life, but the pain in my hip was really getting to me. I couldn’t walk further than half a mile and had to use the car to pick the grandchildren up from school. It was affecting my sleep and I hated having to take so many tablets.

“I was delighted to be referred to Matt Daly as he was genuinely interested in my condition and spent a lot of time with me, researching new ways to help me deal with the pain and was keen to find a cause.

“After various treatments, he referred me to the Eastbourne District General Hospital for an injection into my hip. In the event, this was not carried out but subsequently another MRI scan was requested, this time of both hips and the pelvis. The scan showed up inflammation of the sacroiliac joint and a guided CT injection into the joint was carried out.

“It is too early to say I am cured, but I feel so much better and I am now down to a single small dose of co-codamol a day. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and am now well on my way back to walks with my husband.

“Being able to visit Matt at his Sussex MSK Partnership East clinic was great. Although I like the hospital in Eastbourne, this was less stressful and not as time consuming. The building on Wartling Road was easy to find my way around and the setting was more intimate. Also, there were no parking fees!

“I am very grateful to Matt for spending so much time with me. He was very persistent and didn’t give up, and I felt he was creative in the things he tried. I benefitted from the fact that he was able to make referrals directly to other clinicians too. I thought the service focused on me as a patient. Matt saw me as an ‘expert by experience’ and spent time listening to me, explaining what he was doing and supporting me the best he could.”